Holidays: Keep safe and have fun

Family playing cricket on beach

In this article I will be providing you with a long list of indoor and outdoor activities for all ages.

Parents when you do have the time off, do these with your kids. This is what your children remember the most about growing up- Quality Time – this is the most important aspect in their lives.

To the parents that are working please make sure that if your child stays at home, he/she has a friend and someone older and responsible to be with them and to take care of them. Or organise with another adult (friend or family member) that you can trust for your child to visit them at their place. Or organise with your boss that your child will be with you at work for a few days.

Please also be aware of your child’s whereabouts at all times and explain to your child you are not prying.

Also do not be afraid to mention to your child the possible dangers around and come up with a plan of action or defense

Things that will be fun to do:

  • Make and decorate cookies.

  • Have an Olympics or Soccer Day. Wear ridiculous sports attire and make up races and competitions.

  • Have mommy or daddy tell stories about her life (when she got married, when the kids were born, places they’ve stayed and moved from…) Let the kids tell stories of their own as well.

  • Make a reading corner with pillows and listen to audio books.

  • Read your favourite childhood books to your kids.

  • Fold and fly paper aeroplanes.

  • Print out paper dolls to cut out and dress them with paper outfits.

  • Have kids pick out toys they don’t play with and give them away.

  • Collect and paint rocks. Give them as “thinking of you” gifts for relatives and friends to put in their gardens or use them as paper weights.

  • Create your own pizza.

  • Pick flowers and have them pressed in-between books (make sure you place the fresh flower in a folded paper within the book so the flower doesn’t smudge inside the book) and then you can make a special card for someone with the dried pressed flower.

  • Meet up with friends for a picnic.

  • Have a Silly Song Day or present a show.

  • Take the kids to pick out seeds, even a simple corn seed or a bean, and plant it in a specific section of the garden.

  • Write down nice things about each member of the family.

  • Go to the R5 Store or Crazy Store and have each kid pick out a present for one another for a certain minimal price.

  • Make a clock.

  • Look through photo albums and make a scrapbook or a “scrapbook frame”.

  • Take a walk outdoors and then let them make a book of nature drawings or things they collected along the way.

  • Let them select some colouring sheets online, to colour in.

  • Have a mismatched sock contest. Whoever matches the most pairs from the pile wins.

  • Catch bugs and learn about their habitat. Don’t forget to let the bugs go at the end of the day.

  • Go to the aquarium or the zoo.

  • Have a “fashion show” with your kids to sort through what fits and what doesn’t.

  • Have everyone write a list of their likes and dislikes.

  • Play “shop-shop”. Put on silly hats and such and pretend to be different customers.

  • Get a bunch of movies and stay in your jammies all day long.

  • Decorate a box to put memories in.

  • Talk about what they want to be when they grow up, make a collage.

  • Go visit the library.

  • Talk about each kid’s birth story.

  • Have the kids play outside ALL day and make mud pies.

  • Collect ice-cream sticks and build something.

  • Let the kids be “mommies and daddies” for a day.

  • Go to a shopping center or a busy place and do some “people watching” (good for social scanning). Then make up stories about what certain people might be doing.

  • Blow bubbles.

  • Dance.

  • Play “hide and go seek”.

  • Play “I Spy”.

  • Paint.

  • Do a paying job (ask mom or dad for a list).

  • Camp in the house, Eg: drape a blanket over a table.

  • Invite some friends over.

  • Movie night – a special night a week where we rent out a kid-friendly dvd and eat popcorn.

  • Make your own word search puzzles.

  • Make a book of favourite animals, trees and bugs, etc.

  • Play basketball.

  • Line up cans and get a tennis ball and play lawn-bowls.

  • Go to the local appliance store and collect large fridge boxes and build some forts. Decorate the fort and paint it or turn the boxes into cars.

  • Set up an obstacle course in the living room with chairs and pillows, different things to make circles to step into…

  • Have an indoor “snowball” fight. Give each one a stack of newspapers, yell “go” and they have to crumple up the paper into “snowballs” and throw them. Of course the last part of the game is to see who can gather the most balls into the bin.

  • Help the child to re-organise or decorate his/her room.

  • Plan a treasure hunt.

  • Do a craft.

  • Have him /her draw a picture and tell a story about it.

  • Finger-paint with chocolate pudding on a paper plate then lick the plate clean.

  • Work on the family photo album together.

  • Perform an experiment.

  • Make playdough.

  • Have a picnic inside on the floor.

  • Play board and card games.

  • Charades.

  • Play cars. Give them a wide roll of masking tape and let them go to town making roads for their dinkie cars.

  • UNO

  • Lego

  • Puzzles

  • Learn to do tricks with a yo-yo.

  • Sort through the toy box.

  • Make shadow puppets with your hands and a flashlight on the wall.

  • Teach mom how to play Play Station.

Enjoy and have lots of fun!