Girl hitting pinata, candy flying

Here are a few party tips (child friendly of course).

  • Start planning well in advance and send out invites a month before. Be creative and try your hand at a few simple crafty innovative inexpensive theme-related invitations (do this with your child).
  • The Guest List: in preschool the child often wants the whole class, but once they reach 9 or so, they might prefer to do something special for a few close friends. If so, be sensitive about handing out invitations and talking about the party in front of others.
  • Remembers Venues and Entertainers are booked up months ahead. Venues can be a great help to working moms, scout around for one that will offer the best value for money. Book for the entertainment an hour after the party has started. It gives everyone a chance to play a bit and snack and of course for any late-comers.
  • Less is more: don’t book a magician, clown and jumping castle for a two-hour party. The parents and children need some time to hang out and mingle, to play freely and to eat.
  • Not Too Much Sugar: keep it under control. Include savoury snacks and fruit. Mothers will thank you and the children won’t be on a sugar rush. Also ask family and friends to help out with eats by bringing a plate of snacks along with them.
  • D√©cor: use what you have available at home. Balloons, streamers and posters will already liven up the party and not eat through your wallet.
  • Presents: can sometimes be overwhelming for the child and the parent. Do a spring cleaning of your child’s room before the big day. Pass-on some things, give to charity or chuck away. If friends ask what to give as a gift, request something that you know your child will get long term use out of. If it’s pricey, a few friends can chip in. Vouchers are very popular. Try to encourage your child to receive the presents on the gift table when guests arrive and then share the opening experience in last hour of the party with the guests.
  • Party Packs: are always a treat and a nice way of saying thank-you. Be creative by trying to do something related to the theme. Don’t fill the pack with sweets only, rather: a sticker sheet, a cookie cutter, a bouncy ball, a wind-up toy, marbles, a pencil and pad/notebook, a small toy insect/animal…
  • A list of the best party games:
  • A Craft Table
  • The Sack Race
  • The Three-Legged Race
  • A Treasure Hunt- create clues leading children from one place to the next till the treasure. Make sure the treasure is something that can be shared out
  • A Scavenger Hunt- children have to collect all the items on a list. First team to get back with all the items, wins.
  • Musical chairs or pass the parcel
  • Target Practice or Pin The Tail To The Donkey
  • Obstacle Course
  • Noise, Laughter and Fun – most importantly!


Enjoy the Fun!