It’s amazing how we reject the typical daily chores, activities and daily routines and hand it over to someone else to do, like a nanny or “auntie” or helper or granny. Sure the reasons for having this wonderful helpful person in our home is because:

  • We work late hours
  • Im a single parent
  • We are too exhausted by the time we get home to “worry” about the kids, especially after such a stressful day
  • It’s too chaotic and rushed in the morning to get everyone and everything ready
  • I’m going to be late for work
  • I coming home too late from work
Do these sound familiar…?
But you’re missing the big picture.
These are the following things you and your children are missing out on:
Think about it.
What are your children learning and missing out on?
  • Having breakfast and dinner together starts off and ends the day (at the table not infront of TV!) Eating at the table is learning proper social skills and table manners (bonus: a better digestion and healthier)
  • Setting and clearing the table helps with learning responsibilities
  • Tidying up their own rooms, making up their own beds (a little help/support is needed, of course)
  • Washing or packing dishes, prepares them for the future chores
  • Mowing the lawn, picking up the dog poop, racking the leaves, planting some flowers or a new tree, together (means outside bonding time in fresh air or smelly poops)
The extreme is missing out on ……. the NECESSARY quality time with our children in our daily chores and routine. The importance of learning how to work together, independence and responsibilities, which is all empowering!
Sure it’s easier for the nanny to wake the children up, dress them and get them ready to leave for school, while mom is still sleeping an extra hour before she starts getting ready and dad is leaving at 5am for work.
If you have the opportunity to wake your child, do so. Let it be you they see first thing in the morning, like the day they were first born. Each day is a new beginning, make their beginning welcoming, inviting and warm.
If you do not have the opportunity to be present. Teach your child the responsibilities and importance of waking up, taking the day by its’ “horns”. Your child can do it, just show him how.
Remember if you approach it with difficulty or uncertainty, the child will be resistant to the process. So if you have to pretend to be happy and perky in the morning, do so!