I have just recently read Mailonline (24th March 2017) and seeing a hilarious timelapsed video that parents posted of their twin boys having the time of their lives and feeling kinda sorry for those poor parents not getting any sleep and then probably having grumpy boys the next morning.

I had noticed something that could be the reason for those sleepless nights (yes, more than one night, and from midnight to 7am!)
The kids have a moving night light attached to their cribs!
Parents…that just means “disco time”….or in toddlers version….playtime!!!!
Don’t want to be the party-pooper and spoil the kids’ fun, but…
I would suggest NOT to have those moving lights right “next to” their faces when putting them to bed.
I must say that room looks pretty bare, seems the boys got up to play with their toys often too, I’m thinking that the toys may have been a distraction during sleeptime….?
But what innovative boys – using pillows to entertain themselves! Like a regular Bounce party with lights.
I’m trying not to be a buzzkill, but just providing a little help from a friend: try not have the moving lights in their room as light activates the brain to be awake and therefore they are unable to fall asleep. They are unable to fall into the Circadian Rhythm, a person’s natural 24-hour sleep-wake cycle. In order for anyone to be able to fall asleep and sleep well through the night, they need darkness, so that the natural hormone Melatonin in the brain is secreted, to help with falling asleep, a healthy sleep-wake cycle and body regeneration.
This in turn will make better sleeping kids, in turn better sleeping parents and therefore a better new day.