When a child plays, the truth is hard to conceal. Through the well recognised Gestalt techniques used in Play Therapy, I am able to identify the painpoints in a child’s life and through role-play, games, projection and more, I help the child understand, how to deal and how to heal.

Play is the child’s natural way of communication and a medium by which to sort out his world and make sense of it. While playing, the child can project his situation, express his feelings and bring it to the surface where he can acknowledge, experience and master it. Children who benefit from play therapy:

  • Children who need to adapt to change in their situation, like moving to a new house, going to a new school, divorce of parents or receiving a sibling.
  • Children who have trouble handling a traumatic experience.
  • Children with unresolved grief after the loss of a family member, friend or pet.
  • Children who have trouble making friends, who are shy and withdrawn in group situations.
  • Children experiencing anxiety and stress.
  • Children being the victim of being bullied or the bully themselves.
  • Children with aggressive or disagreeable behaviour.
  • Children, who bite their nails, suck their thumbs or wet or soil their beds or clothing.
  • Children with psychosomatic symptoms (stomach-aches or headaches without a medical reason).
  • Abused or molested children.
  • Hyperactive children.