Attachment Theory and it’s importance

Attachment theory is real. And it’s important. I recently came across this article, and it provides a sobering insight into how important the bond is between a mother and child during the first year: It’s a very long article, so I recommend saving it into your favourite reader, like Pocket (, for when you […]

Scary thunder Sleepless nights

Your night is calm and restful and thank goodness finally getting cooler as the wind starts blowing through the night hopefully bringing in some rain clouds which we have been looking forward to with the heat we have been having. But it doesn’t come unnoticed, a slight rumble in the distance and then – BANG! […]

Google for Kids

With so much information on the web, there is bound to be a time where our children accidentally come across something unsuitable for their innocent eyes and minds. Google has now provided us with an opportunity to put more distance between the nasty stuff and the valuable information that our offspring can use. I give […]