Exam time

The end of the year is not easy for both the parent or the child. Both the child and parent stress about the end of year exams. Concern for parents over whether their offspring are studying correctly or enough or even retaining the crucial information to enable them to pass the looming exams. I thought […]

Make no mistake, parenting is hard work.

Nobody said it was easy. You’ve heard of “what you put in is what you get out”. My daughter had gone to the school bathroom the other day and came out saying, “Isabelle’s mom is fighting with her.” From the outside I could hear the parent reprimanding her child in the bathroom. Inside the bathroom […]

Problem? What problem?

It’s nothing serious I thought I should talk about this particular topic just to branch off from the overwhelming information you got about play therapy. I have been approached by a few parents (usually the mother, nothing against the male counterpart) who seem very keen to get their child or themselves to do a few […]