Different therapies explained

WHICH IS WHICH and FOR WHAT? This month I will be briefly introducing to you the different therapies available, specifically the ones that work hand-in-hand with play therapy. I understand how overwhelming it can be to have your child attend one type, let alone two. Just remember the specialities are different and different techniques and […]

Letting go is hard

The beginning of the year! How have you all managed? Still uncertain about some things: roster, subjects, extra-mural activities, stationery, uniform, parent‰Ûªs evenings‰Û_ (I suppose very much like the headless chicken running around as in the previous newsletter). How have the children managed? Apprehensive, excited, teary, clingy, confident, insecure, nervous, happy‰Û_? If you are the […]

New Year’s Resolutions

How many of us keep our New Year’s resolution, or even bother making one, for fear of not accomplishing it. Why not break the New Year up into days and take it “one day at a time”. You can make a goal of what you want to achieve, but it is HOW you get there […]

Exam time

The end of the year is not easy for both the parent or the child. Both the child and parent stress about the end of year exams. Concern for parents over whether their offspring are studying correctly or enough or even retaining the crucial information to enable them to pass the looming exams. I thought […]