Party time

Here are a few party tips (child friendly of course). Start planning well in advance and send out invites a month before. Be creative and try your hand at a few simple crafty innovative inexpensive theme-related invitations (do this with your child). The Guest List: in preschool the child often wants the whole class, but […]

Holidays: Keep safe and have fun

In this article I will be providing you with a long list of indoor and outdoor activities for all ages. Parents when you do have the time off, do these with your kids. This is what your children remember the most about growing up- Quality Time – this is the most important aspect in their […]

Assessing your Parenting Style

There probably is no such thing as a perfect parent but rather that parenting depends on the positive impact it has on the child and his development as a whole. So, I thought this should be interesting and fun to do, to explore the parenting style you use. In my study of Parenting Styles Affecting […]